Affordable and Trustworthy

My Primary Goal.


My primary goal is to provide affordable, quality legal services to all people and to satisfy any legal needs you may have.

Low affordable prices.

Traditionally, law offices have been inaccessible to the average person because of high pricing.
I am trying to change that. Many of my prices are significantly lower than you will find elsewhere. In fact, we encourage our clients to “Shop around.” To put you further at ease, we estimate all prices to you in advance and ask your approval before we begin the work. However, some cases may require a consultation before we can give an estimate.

Serving all your legal needs.

I not only handle your large problems but also your small questions. In addition to wills, divorces, landlord- tenant problems, and other traditional legal work, we can help you with such things as books, pamphlets, and legal blanks. I also do limited Representation. Our Services range from a simple telephone call to a second opinion on your problem to trial representation. For the more complicated legal problems, our office works with other attorneys who specialize in a particular legal area, similar to the way a family doctor uses specialist.

Friendly staff and flexible office hours.

We know that legal problems can frightening and emotional. Thus, you will find our office staff to be friendly, helpful, and approachable while remaining professional. My hours are often flexible to fit in with your schedule. Evening and weekend appointments can be made.